Hej, I am Hauke.

I am a software engineer from Potsdam, Germany.

Having started as a freelancer, I acquired experience working in cross-functional teams over the past years, holding a lead position at last.

I enjoy creating software, working with passionate people, as well as learning new things.

I am enthusiastic about test-driven development, writing clean and concise code, and continuously delivering customer value.

About Me

  • Hauke Klement
  • I am living in the beautiful city of Potsdam, Germany.
  • I hold a master's degree in software engineering.
  • My favorite programming languages and frameworks include Ruby, Rails, RSpec, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and SQL.
  • My personal ambition is to deliver clean, tested, high-quality code. I am a good team player but also experienced in getting things done as a one-man show.
  • My preferred development equipment is my MacBook Pro. I'm not a big editor nerd, but usually use Atom with a mostly vanilla configuration.
  • According to the cliché, I truly enjoy Club Mate or a good coffee. As a former mate maniac, I tried roughly 3 dozen different mate sodas.
  • However, I favor a decent salad over pizza.
  • Apart from coding, I am into veganism, meditation, yoga, and minimalism.


This is where you can find me on the Web. Feel free to get in touch with me. Don't expect an instant reply, though.




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